• Sagi Shrieber

    Sagi Shrieber

    Designer, Entrepreneur & Tribe Builder. CEO at Contrast UX Design Agency. Founder of Commit First Podcast & Youtube Channel.

  • Martin Kaufmann

    Martin Kaufmann

    Entrepreneur, coach and energizer. He Who Finds ... He Who Helps. Art. ARTregards art cards.

  • Chris Moore

    Chris Moore

  • Kim Doyal

    Kim Doyal

    Build and scale an online business in a way that works for YOU. I’m all about #FtheHUSTLE through email marketing & newsletters. https://kimdoyal.com/fthehustle

  • Thomas Lahnthaler

    Thomas Lahnthaler

    Experienced international crisis leader, mediator, mentor, facilitator and speaker. Psychology geek and a little sarcastic at times.

  • Mandy Hopkins

    Mandy Hopkins

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