InnovaBuzz Newsletter 14 July 2021

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​Tommy Breedlove, How to Build and Live a Legendary Life

In our discussion, Tommy talked to us about:

  • How to identify your purpose to serve
  • Taking care of yourself first to lead others with courage, conviction, and passion
  • Building positive habits in a sustainable way

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​Christine Schlonski, Why Sales Is Love and How to Sell from the Heart

In our discussion, Christine talked to us about:

  • How sales is love when we focus on service and the transformation
  • Why we should work with soulmate clients
  • Knowing the perceived value of your products and service

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Tales of Marketing Transformation

Join us on this quest to make marketing human again and discover amazing tools to help you run your business, podcasting tips and ideas, and how to transform your marketing into a human-centered, relationship-focused growth engine.

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Podthon ’21 — A Virtual Summit for Podcasters

Join me at Podthon ’21 — the ONLY inclusive virtual podcasting conference highlighting speakers of color in the industry.

From the comfort of your home, don’t miss these informative and insightful presentations from podcasters from around the world sharing their best strategies, tips, and advice.

At this event, you will learn about:

  • Podcast award shows and why YOU should enter them
  • Industry insights and trends
  • Wisdom from kid podcasters
  • Community building through storytelling
  • How to monetize small audiences
  • Repurposing episodes without a team
  • When to hire a full production team
  • How to create phenomenal guest experiences and much, much more!

Take a look at all of the speakers here.


Saturday, July 17th: 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Sunday, July 18th: 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

So what are you waiting for?

Register here or leave a comment on our podcast for a chance to be one of two lucky winners of an All-Access Podthon ’21 ticket worth 240 USD!

13 Ways To Find Insanely Great Guests For Your Podcast

The best podcast episodes will make listeners want to engage, debate, and invite their friends to listen.

Hands down… The BEST way to do this is to bring on awesome guests.

Bringing guests on your show is arguably the best way for podcasters to get your podcast in front of a new audience.

But how can you discover new, awesome guests and reach out to them? And, how do you maximize exposure once you have great guests?

You will find all these answers in this article, as we explore some of the best strategies to find and convince guests to come onto your show.

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Podcast Marketing: 10 Ways Get More Listeners

One of the biggest struggles that podcasters face, is not how to launch their podcast, but how to promote their podcast and gain listeners. Effective podcast marketing can make or break your podcast. It can be the difference between a show struggling to get a hundred monthly downloads to a show that has a loyal following and is getting hundreds of thousands of downloads per month.

Whether you are considering starting a podcast or have one already, you will need to learn how to grow your audience numbers. The number of people listening to a podcast show is an important factor in its success. Therefore, a bigger listening base translates to a successful podcast show.

Read on for ten of the best podcast marketing strategies that are sure to get you more listeners.

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5 Free Tools to Grow Your Podcast Audience

When you google how to start a podcast, recording equipment are usually the most common search results to show up. Yes, this is necessary beginning information. Equipment can help the sound of your podcast, but it can’t help you grow your podcast audience. You need other tools for that.

In this post, let’s take a look at some simple, free tools that you can use to grow your audience by opening up the lines of communication with them.

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Get the most out of what you read!

Readwise uses a scientific process that strengthens memory for important information, lets you review the highlights daily and recalls your best points over time.

Highlight sections of books, articles, blog posts and other online content with the Readwise app. Those highlights are then presented back to you regularly for review. That way, you can recall important information, remember what you’ve read, and grow your knowledge over time.

Highlights can be applied to digital content and to physical books via photos from the app. These are converted to text as well. You can tag, note, search and organize your highlights all in one place.

The full version of Readwise is 8 USD per month. You can try it for free for a month from their website or use my affiliate link to receive an extra second month for free.

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Inspiring conversations with Patty Block of The Block Group about value-based pricing customer journeys, and Susan James of the Self Discovery Group about self-awareness, meditation, and focused attention. Watch out for these episodes to publish next week!

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