InnovaBuzz Newsletter 14 October 2020

Dr Jürgen Strauss
7 min readOct 14, 2020


Welcome to your weekly InnovaBuzz Newsletter — a roundup of what’s new and noteworthy in Marketing, Podcasting and Innovation, what’s been happening on the InnovaBuzz Podcast and more.

​Kitty Parker, Listening with Empathy​

In this episode, our guest is Kitty Parker of the Kitty & Miles Buyers Agency. Kitty is a trained psychologist that bought property in her spare time and when people asked her to help them buy property because she was good at it, she started her Buyers Agency. Within her first 12 months of operation, she has achieved a multiple 6 figure revenue and was a finalist in the real estate industry awards. She puts these achievements down to providing her clients with exceptional customer service and being highly skilled at property market data analysis and extracting insights from that data.

In our discussion, Kitty talked to us about:

  • Her process of serving her clients which begins with listening to their story with empathy
  • Why being data-driven is important in any business and how to adapt to rapidly changing data
  • Her principle of finding pain points of her clients and filling their needs

Listen to the podcast to find out more.​

​Rebeca Arbona, Naming and Creating a Distinctive Brand​

In this episode, our guest is Rebeca Arbona of BrandTrue, a firm dedicated to brand strategy with a focus on new brand creation and naming. Rebeca lives to help brands communicate the truths at their core so they can leap from tall buildings and crush their villains. She’s always been a word geek and, as a kid, read the dictionary for fun, but she somehow ended up with a career in Brand Strategy. So when she realized that naming combines her love of words with her talent for brand strategy, it was like a radioactive spider bite that unleashed her superpower. She’s now a Strategic Namer and New Brand Creator, crafting breakthrough names and distinctive brands that help her client’s businesses fly.

In our discussion, Rebeca talked to us about:

  • The 3 levels of truth — surface truth, social truth, and self-truth
  • The importance of niching down your service and your client
  • Alignment of the brand with strategy and the entire customer journey

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

​Dr Richard Orbe-Austin, Own Your Greatness​

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Richard Orbé-Austin who is an executive coach and a licensed psychologist, with a focus on leadership development, career advancement, and diversity, equity, & inclusion issues. He is a co-founder and partner of Dynamic Transitions Psychological Consulting, a career and executive coaching consultancy, which is located in NYC.

Dr. Orbé-Austin has been a keynote speaker and an invited presenter at various conferences and meetings and consults to academic institutions, corporations, and nonprofit organizations on issues related to leadership, career development & transitions, and diversity, equity & inclusion. He is the co-author of the recently published book, “Own Your Greatness: Overcome Impostor Syndrome, Beat Self-Doubt, and Succeed in Life”, which he co-authored with his partner, Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin. The goal of the book is to provide a systematic formula to eliminate impostor syndrome and to assist readers to own their talents and power, in order to fully realize their goals, & to lead a more balanced life.

In our discussion, Richard talked to us about:

  • How many of our negative thoughts are automatic and how we can interrupt the patterns
  • How we can give ourselves positive feedback
  • The 3-Cs framework of Clarify, Choose, and Create

Listen to the podcast to find out more.​

Innovabuzz 350/100 Celebration & Connection Event

This week, many of our awesome podcast guests joined us to celebrate a double milestone of the InnovaBuzz Podcast.

As we hit our 350 milestone, we brought our podcast guests together to connect with one another and trigger more meaningful conversations.

Just like on each episode of the podcast, we shared meaningful conversations, now at scale and it was a privilege to share our celebration with each of our guests and to learn about all the exciting things everyone is creating and the value they are sharing with the world.

Thank you to all the amazing people that joined in this event and jumped enthusiastically into meaningful conversations!

Online Masterclass — Podcast PR: The New Virtual Speaking Tour

Speaking on stages to people who could be your dream clients has always been a highly effective means of building visibility, professional credibility and connection with your ideal clients. Unfortunately, few people have access to speaking tours and in the current global environment of travel restrictions and social distancing, in-person speaking opportunities have been postponed or canceled.

Appearing as a guest on podcasts is the new virtual speaking tour and a great PR opportunity for your business. There are currently over 800,000 podcasts in the public domain and in most first-world countries between 25–50% of people listen to podcasts.

Most podcasts are looking for guests!

Setting up a Podcast PR campaign requires a systematic approach to identifying the right audiences, podcast shows and landing a guest gig. Then showing up, prepared and presenting your best and following up with active promotion of your guest appearances.

If you want an innovative and easy PR strategy for your business, one that is effective, fun and highly profitable, then this event is for you.

Join the Masterclass

How to Book Podcast Guests That Will Grow Your Audience

Buzzsprout Blog

Finding interesting and engaging guests is one of the hardest parts of podcasting. If you’re new, it’s tough to know where to start, and if you’ve been around a while, it can be challenging to find guests with a fresh perspective.

While it isn’t easy, booking well-known guests is one of the best ways to improve and grow your podcast. In this article, you’ll learn ten proven strategies to help you find, contact, and book, influential guests for your show.

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Extra, Extra: The Power of Supplementary Material for Podcasts

by Wil Williams

Your podcast listeners are here for the audio, no doubt about that — but if you’re looking for engaging your audience more with your topic, being able to rely on visuals or media you can’t include, or even up your SEO, you might want to consider stepping outside of sound.

In this article, check out this supplementary material to your podcast: namely, blog posts.

Read the article to learn more.

4 Ways to Create Time and Space for Building Rapport Virtually

by Dave Shaby

Remember what the sales experience was like before the pandemic?

Now, it’s not so simple.

Meetings are all virtual. They start on time — or just after the scheduled time, once everyone has dialed in. Everyone says hello, and then people jump right into the business at hand. At the scheduled end time, people simply log off. There’s no friendly chit-chat or meetup for coffee.

The good news is you can still focus on relationship building even when your interactions are online. Here are four ways to do just that.

Read the article to learn more.


We’ve got more fantastic guests lined up! Look out for these InnovaBuzz episodes to publish this coming week, where we share all kinds of tips and strategies around innovation, leadership, and modern marketing.

Thought-provoking and insightful conversations with world-renowned thought leader, Rita McGrath, Johann Nogueira of Business Authorities, and Chris-Barez-Brown of Upping Your Elvis. Watch out for these episodes to publish next week!

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