InnovaBuzz Newsletter 14 October 2020

​Kitty Parker, Listening with Empathy​

  • Her process of serving her clients which begins with listening to their story with empathy
  • Why being data-driven is important in any business and how to adapt to rapidly changing data
  • Her principle of finding pain points of her clients and filling their needs

​Rebeca Arbona, Naming and Creating a Distinctive Brand​

  • The 3 levels of truth — surface truth, social truth, and self-truth
  • The importance of niching down your service and your client
  • Alignment of the brand with strategy and the entire customer journey

​Dr Richard Orbe-Austin, Own Your Greatness​

  • How many of our negative thoughts are automatic and how we can interrupt the patterns
  • How we can give ourselves positive feedback
  • The 3-Cs framework of Clarify, Choose, and Create

Innovabuzz 350/100 Celebration & Connection Event

Online Masterclass — Podcast PR: The New Virtual Speaking Tour

How to Book Podcast Guests That Will Grow Your Audience

Extra, Extra: The Power of Supplementary Material for Podcasts

4 Ways to Create Time and Space for Building Rapport Virtually




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Dr Jürgen Strauss

Dr Jürgen Strauss

Founder of Innovabiz: TRANSFORMATION MARKETING — Building visibility, professional authority and connection with your dream clients